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Spaceward Music Management

Maximize your Revenue

Expand where we collect your revenue by using Spaceward as your Publishing Administrator. Collect additional revenue from your music in music apps, video games, fitness apps, films, radio, commercials, and so many more places.

Having a Publishing Administrator is an essential part of any musician's career. A Publishing Administrator can help ensure that all the music created by the artist is properly registered and copyrighted, as well as collect royalties from streaming services and other sources. They also handle licensing requests, making sure that any samples or covers used in songs are cleared for use. With Spaceward, musicians can gain access to experienced publishing administrators who will take care of all these tasks professionally and efficiently. With their help, musicians can focus on making music, knowing that their publishing rights are well taken care of.

Publishing Adminstration

Expand your Sync Footprint

We collect your revenue from over 60 collection agencies and pitch your music to movie directors using our partner, BMG. 


Some of the recent sync placements by our BMG partner:

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