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Spaceward Music Management

Apple Music for Artists

With Apple Music for Artists, you can stay up-to-date on how your music is performing across the world. Access analytics and statistics for tracks and albums across iTunes, Apple Music, and Shazam to see how many plays and sales your catalogue has had. You'll even get insight into which Apple Music stations feature your music, how many times it's been played through them, where your main listeners are from, their trends and habits when listening to your music, and more. Signing up is easy - just log in with your Apple ID at, provide the artist name you wish to claim, select the albums associated to that profile, and provide your role in the project (artist, manager or label manager). Start taking control of your music career today with Apple Music for Artists!

Spotify for Artists

With Spotify for Artists, you can take control of your artist profile and see who's listening to your music. As part of the ‘Spotify for Artists' community, you'll also get first access to new tools and features as they become available. To start taking advantage of this great platform, simply click 'Claim Your Profile' on

If you're releasing music on a new artist page (meaning you don't currently have any music on Spotify), it's best to upload your first song/album 3-4 weeks prior to the official release date in order to gain access to Spotify for Artists' Editorial Playlist Submission Tool or work with a PR/promotional company. If you already have music on Spotify from another distribution company or label, please alert support 1-2 weeks before your release goes live so we can ensure it lands on the right page - simply send us the URL of your current Artist page on Spotify. For any other questions or queries, please contact our friendly Support Team at!

Update Claro Música Artist Page

Don't forget - only Spaceward members can access this service. If you're looking to update your profile picture in Claro Música, simply email with the subject “Artist profile in Claro Música” and attach the photo. Please note that we can currently only help with profile images - all other artist information like biographies are sourced from third party partners like Rovi & All Music Database. Make sure your image is square and at least 2400 x 2400 px in size, and you're good to go!

Amazon For Artists

Amazon recently debuted their 'Amazon for Artists' app and if you've delivered music through Spaceward, you can claim your artist profile there. To do so, you'll need an active Amazon account. For more info, simply visit the official Amazon for Artist page at - and if you have any questions or run into any issues claiming your profile, contact and we'll help you out!

Update Tidal Page

Spaceward artists can update their profile picture, biography, and social media links on Tidal - simply email with the subject “Artist profile in Tidal” and provide the following information:

- a square photo at least 2400 x 2400 px

- your artist name

- Spaceward account email

- a brief biography (you can choose any language but please state the language if it isn't English)

- and official website and social media URLs.

Update Pandora Page

To update your profile image for Pandora, utilize the Pandora AMP dashboard.

How to upload an artist image

  1. Log into your account on the AMP website.

  2.  Under your artist name, click on the Profile tab to the right of Campaigns.

  3. Select the 'Change Image' link to upload a new photo.

  4. Save

Update Google Play Page

Google Play Artist hub is no longer available for artists to directly edit & access their artist account.


If any Spaceward user wants to update their Google Play artist profile we can request it with Google's back office directly.


Please, send us an email at with the following information: 


  • Photo: must be square and at least 2400 x 2400 px.

  • Artist Biography

  • Artist Name

  • Spaceward account email

Update Napster/Rhapsody Page

Napster/Rhapsody allows any Spaceward artist to update their profile picture, biography, and social media links.


It can be requested by emailing with the subject “Artist profile in Napster/Rhapsody” and providing the following information:


  • Photo: at least 1500 x 1000 px. and 72 dpi.

  • Artist Name

  • Biography

  • Social Media Links

  • Spaceward account email

Anghami Artist Connect

Artists Connect allows artists, managers, and labels to update their artist pages with profile pictures, a biography, and links to social media. You can also access your catalog's statistics. Click here to visit Anghami Artist Connect.


Once you're signed into your Dashboard account, click on My Artist Profile. From there, you can edit the following:


  • Update your artist profile image (Upload a new image or link it to your Facebook profile image)

  • Update your artist name in English or Arabic

  • Edit your music language

  • Add a biography in English or Arabic

  • Link your Facebook page

  • Link your Twitter account

Instagram Music Connect

If your release is not connected to your account on Instagram Music or Instagram Stories, we can help.

Please send the following information to

  • The ISRC of the track you need connected

  • Your Instagram username (ex: @spacewardmm)

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