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Spaceward Music Management

Welcome to the highest-quality music distribution service available.  With Spaceward, we make it easy to get your music out to the world on every platform, in every territory. We lead the industry with our comprehensive suite of services, from mastering to encoding, metadata, and global delivery. Our cutting-edge tools make the process easy and efficient. Plus, you can have confidence knowing that we are ISO27001 certified for data security. That's the Spaceward difference.

Enhanced Distribution

Key Features

  • Distribution to over 300 platforms, and expanding

  • Coverage in over 200 territories, and expanding

  • Keep 100% of your royalties

  • Smooth Accounting Overview: Get paid as a contractor, and see an estimate of what you have to pay in taxes before deductions

  • Metadata is important in the music industry, and we do it best

  • Super fast delivery (Most releases process in 3 business days)

  • Ultra Fast and Efficient Support. No need to be left in the dust anymore. We are here for you

  • Our curators pitch your music to playlists, without any extra payment or time from you

  • Every Spaceward release is given a digital fingerprint to help prevent piracy, copyright infringement, and fraudulent activity.

Leak Protection

When you distribute your track with Spaceward, you can add our leak protection add-on for only $3 per track per month.

We have thousands of robots constantly searching and scrambling through hundreds of websites, tracking if your music has been illegally duplicated, or just for you to be aware of where your music is being played.

If we find your music played on a platform, we will notify you will detailed information via your connected contact methods on Spaceward.

Here is a list of just a few of these websites:

​- YouTube

- Twitter

- LiveLeak

- Dailymotion

- Instagram

- Facebook

- Reddit

- Spotify Podcasts

- Streamable



- TikTok

- Triller

- Apple Podcasts

- Vimeo

- Audiomack

- VK

- DatPiff

- Imgur

- MixCloud

- My Mixtapez

- Oddshot

- OK

- Soundcloud

- Twitch Clips

- And more being added soon!

Want to add Leak Protection to an already-released song? Just reach out to support! The only catch is that this service is exclusively offered through Spaceward, so your music must be distributed by us!

Chart Registration

With every released distributed through Spaceward, you're tracks will automatically be registered with Nielsen Soundscan, making your art eligible for Billboard Music Chart placement

Delivery Destinations

Spaceward delivers your music to over 300 platforms in over 200 territories. That's more than any other distributor out there. We are constantly partnering with more platforms all the time, so you can be rest assured that no matter where your fans are located, they will always be able to listen to your hits.

Click here to View all the Destinations we Distribute To

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